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The application by bikers for bikers

  • Find bikers
  • Join
  • Be up to date
  • Help others
  • iAmOk Messages "I'm OK"

Find bikers

Find and contact bikers from the all around the world, check their profiles, send them a message, make them your friends, stay in touch.

Driftix uses its own message system



Place messages visible for other bikers near you in Space Driftix. Invite them for a ride or offer your motorcycle for sale, it´s up to you.

Messages in Space Driftix are placed in the position they were created and therefore more helpful.


Be up to date

What´s new in the biker world around you? At home or on the road, you can find messages from other users near you in Space Driftix.

Driftix allows setting of your view range and the kind messages shown.


Help others

Out of fuel? Technical break-down? At Driftix emergency messages have the highest priority. Bikers around you can see the message and are able to help you, it doesn´t matter where you are.

Driftix places emergency messages on the highest positions of Space Driftix. Helping bikers is our mission.


Messages "I'm OK"

Are others concerned for you when you are riding? Let them know that you are OK and send them your position.

Driftix allows sending of quick messages to friends and family and shows them where you are, by pushing one button on your mobile phone or your smart watch.

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Driftix is a mobile application for bikers in the real world. We don´t focus on likes, we focus on people. Bikers stick together and with that we want to help you.

  • Easy to reach

    Driftix is easy to reach: On your mobile phone

  • Multilingual

    Available in four languages, more to come

  • Constantly improving

    Our project doesn´t sleep. We are continually improving and developing.

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Some previews of our Diftix application

Mobile application

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