“It all started with a box filled with vaccine on the passenger seat of the motorcycle, a desire to change something and a trip to Russia", says Hermann Munzel, motorcyclist, doctor, and in 2016 winner of the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

"Nobody knew back then that we had laid the foundation for a major international project, and since the first aid trip in 2003, everything has gotten bigger: 24 full trucks of hospital equipment, medical supplies, supplies and other aids have arrived in five Romanian hospitals in 2017. "

On April 3rd, 2011 the association "Biker-Brummi-Hilfe (BBH) e.V." was founded in Uslar in southern Lower Saxony. They have their headquarters in Weyhe near Bremen. The club was founded by motorcycling hauliers and their friends.

Since 2003, BBH has been conducting a so-called "Eurotour" every year.
This includes hospital equipment and supplies, medical equipment, consumables, hospital and surgical laundry, as well as wheelchairs, walking aids and other aids, as well as materials for child welfare facilities and old clothes.

Around the association there is a large network of supporters and helpers in Germany as well as in other European countries. Healthcare personalities and institutions are regularly contacted for possible fundraising material, and there is contact with many medical device manufacturers and traders. Members of BBH and supporters of the association continue to organize their collection and transportation to interim storage facilities in northern Germany.

From there, they are donated to places such as hospitals, health care facilities, and child welfare facilities, especially in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The transport is accompanied on some routes by up to 120 motorcyclists, who then help with the unloading at the destinations.

We had a difficult transport to handle in 2018, and yet it's the same as every year: "‘after transport’ becomes ‘before transportation’".
We are planning again, we have our research tour already prepared.
In cooperation with local, charity-active motorcycling clubs, we will travel from May 28 to June 08, 2019 to the Romanian cities of Arad and Resita and for the first time also to Serbia to the cities of Kraljevo and Pancevo.

Of course we need money, financial means to pay for the transport (diesel costs etc.). Therefore, we are looking for donors, as well as companies as main sponsors for support.
Every big project consists of small parts.

Would you like to participate and support the project? More information can be found on the homepage of the BBH-Verein: