A sunny hello to the Driftix community from Germany!

My name is Julian Schmidt. I am 24 years old and live in Siegen in North Rhine Westphalia.

After my father infected me with his passion for motorcycles I bought my first bike in 2013. A Honda CBR 600RR. Only two years later I had my first taste of a racing circuit on a new motorcycle. A second Honda CBR 600RR bought especially for this purpose.

This exeperience caught me immediately. Since that time my motorcycle world started to turn and I loved the circuit more and more every day. As result I discontinued mot
orcycle riding on roads completely.

This opened a new chapter in my life and i set full sail to win. The year 2018 was the first year I started as a licensed racer in a race series. This was the DMV Circuit Championship, in short DRC, or also known as the German National Championship.

With my Yamaha R6 i started in the class STK600. This class is by its rules very close to serial motorcycles, in contrast to the open Moto600 class. Therefore the tuning options are very limited.
At the current time I am in 5th position in the championship. Unfortunately I couldn´t participate in the last two races due to a mountain bike accident.  

But next year I will start my assault again!

Julian Schmidt, #44

If in doubt go flat out

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