We are four adventurers and travellers from the club S JAWOU NA CESTACH. We would like to build on our exeperience collected by travelling on old Jawa motorcycles. Therefore we are going to make a 3000km long journey across Mexico. We will be the first to ride their bikes through Mexico from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Ocean.

Why the old, weak Jawas?

Those motorcycles were produced in the factories of the fromer Czechoslovakia more than 40 years ago. Almost every biker in those times started out on this motorcycle. Until now they are still common in the country. Honestly, it was not designed for long journeys, but who cares. The truth is that the Jawa 50s are permanently having break-downs, have something loose or jammed. But on such a simple motorcycle you can fix by yourself, without a specialised workshop. But why travel on such a slow motorcycle? Yes, the Jawa 50 is not a racing bike and can barely reach 60km/h. But it does not matter if the journey is important and not the destination. Enjoy the country, get to know the culture, meet people.  And riding old Jawas is a great way to meet people.
Everywhere we go we get attention, thanks to our Jawas.    

 What have we done?

We were the first Czech riders to have reached Moscow on those motorcycles. We have visited many European cities, for example, Berlin, Vienna, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Kiev, Bratislava, Prague, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Tirana, Podgorica, Skopje, Pristina, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw. We have seen 5 seas, visited 24 countries and have rolled more than 30,000 km. And this all on motorcycles from the 70’s.




Who is going on the journey?
Michael Franc- the quest leader

Michael is an experienced traveller and adventurer.  He is an expert in planning and managing. His travels start at home by organising of all required things like visas, accomodation, looking for interesting places and organising meetings. His biggest success was in 2018, when he managed to organiise a meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. With his biker friend Martin Gregor he was the first Czech biker to reach
Moscow on a Jawa 50. Altogether he has visited 24 countries and has done 30,000km in the saddel of his Jawa 50.

Martin Gregor- Team engineer, co-founder of the club S JAWOU NA CESTACH

Martin‘s big Hobby is collecting and refurbishment of old motorcycles made by Jawa and CZ. There is no better engineer if you want to make a journey on an vintage motorcycle. He can dismantle and rebuild a Jawa 50 with his eyes closed.
Martin Kochanik- Team cameraman

Martin K. is an outdoor enthusiasist with a big passion for freeride, bike trials and anything that involves extreme bicycle riding. He is also an active mountain climber.
He is a professional camerman and will take footage for a movie from Mexico.
But he is not a travel novice; In 2017 he crossed Africa on a Jawa 50 with his friend. He can control his camera even when riding.
Martin Tesar- Team photographer

Martin T. is another outdoor freak. After he finished his downhill racing career he focused on alpine skiing. He loves skiing in virgin nature, and in summer climbs cliffs in the Alps and Tatra mountains. The only team member who has never ridden a motorcycle. He doesn’t even have a driving licence, but this will not stop him from crossing Mexico and and taking many good photos.

Journey accross Mexico
The route will be almost 3000 km long and we will have about one month time to complete it. The route may possibly change, depending on the condition of our old motorbikes. On our „To visit“ list there are many places we would like to see: Teotihuacán, Popocatépetl, Edzna, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Sian Ka'an, Tulum and many others.
But mainly we want to make new frienships and meet Mexican People.