With the latest and largest Driftix update we introduce a lot of improvements and fixes.


In Space Driftix you are now able to find, or add, interesting biker events, like biker sessions, motorcycle exhibitions or motorcycle races.
As usual you can add pictures and descriptions as well.
You don´t want to miss an event? The „Remind me“ button activates notifications, which Driftix will send to you a few days prior, just as you selected.

Virtual border

Are you disinterested in public posts from bikers in other countries?
From now on there is a virtual border in Space Driftix, which allows you to see only posts from your country.
Do you want to see all posts without any borders? Just open the settings in Space Driftix and deactivate „Show only posts from my current country “

Improvement of the „Emergency help“ function

We simplified the setup of the „Emergency help“ function.
During the setup of the red help button, the proper post class is now already preselected.

Photo upload improvement

Driftix now uses a new method for uploading photos. Now it´s easier for you to upload pictures with even higher resolutions and in a shorter amount of time.

Settings for the displayed posts in Space Driftix

What kind of posts from other bikers are you interested in? In which view range?
Use the gear-icon to adjust the settings according to your wishes.

Notification improvement

From now on you´ll also get a notification if there is a reaction to one of your comments.

Interesting routes for bikers

Where are the best routes for bikers to be found?
Due to help from bikers all over the world, we are starting to build up a global database containing interesting routes for bikers.
And just because we love unique solutions, we integrated several of them.
For example: Driftix will show you the road quality. Because nobody wants to test their sport motorcycle on a route marked as interesting for off-road riders.
How will the weather be? Should I go for a ride or stay at home? Driftix shows the weather not only at the start, but also at the destination of your chosen route.
New routes can be added by users which own the status Driftix Pioneer.
Do you want to participate in Driftix, add routes and become a Driftix Pioneer?
Feel free to contact our Driftix admins : contact@driftix.com

Changes in the feature I´m OK

To send home a short „I´m OK“ message was never easier. At first set your short message and add the email of the receiver.
Push the button „I´m OK“ to send your pre-set message to your family, including your position.
In app version 1.7 we made access easier. It is enough to have completed your user profile.

Improvements and corrections

We have integrated several improvements and corrections to refine the app stability for further mobile phone types.

We wish you a lot of fun with Driftix.

The Driftix team