To reach the sand dunes of Sahara is easier than it looks. The Tunisian capital city is 24 hours, on a ferry, away from the Italian port of Genoa, and another 500km to the south begins the traveller´s paradise : The Sahara desert. 

Join me on the virtual trip

In Tunisian cities it is quite busy. To get used to the local traffic takes a little time. You don't need turn indicators, just make sure you have a loud horn. To sound the horn means: Beware I am going, Beware I am turning, Beware I am not turning, I like your motorcycle.

The transport capacity should be used fully.

Oasis in the midland looks like botanical gardens.

In the south, fully supplied by water channel and pipe system to each tree, date palms are planted.

When it rains and you find no trees to hide under, find a cave to stay for the night. Just remember to sweep out the goat droppings. .

After a couple of kilometres the landscape changes noticeably.

The desert steadily takes back everything human made.

The gardens along the roads are different than in Europe.

The acient town of Douz is a gateway to the Sahara and you should definitely put it on your destination list. Local car engineers can help you with any problem.

Everywhere there are bikers...

...and they can even manage watermelon transport.

You must visit the Museum of the Sahara. One hundred years ago desert tribes lived in this berber tent made of camel hair.
To weave the tent took women several years. After that time it lost its waterproofness and they had to start again.

Only 30km away you can see that it isn´t only history. Unfortunately I have no address.

The biggest salt lake in Africa Chott el Jerid is worth a visit. Why it is marked in blue on the maps remains a mystery to me.

Everything goes well with a good buddy with no fears. Even on marked „Slippery roads“.

Sometimes the bikes kiss the mother Earth,

Sometimes something breaks and it´s time to use scotch tape, which instantly melts.

and sometimes something bends and we have to have a closer look. We make repairs under the cover of the night, when temperatures fall below 30°C.

In the morning everything is OK and we can leave our base.

Yet to go know. No need to flush.

      To be continued...

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